Mike Schmidt - Superintendent

Becky Hubsch - Business Manager

Andi Ward - Dean of Students, 7th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher

Nathan Bloom - Athletic Director


High School

​Brad Arend - Science Teacher

Nathan Bloom - Social Studies Teacher, History Club

Jill Spindler - Band & Choir

Beth Hills - 7th/8th Grade Teacher, Art Teacher

Nichole Hoffman - Math/Computer Teacher, Student Council, Technology Coordinator

Evan Pottebaum - SPED Director



Alexis Gerdes - 6th Grade Teacher

John Adam - PE Teacher

Megan Okroi - 2nd Grade Teacher

Jill Spindler - Music Teacher

Vicky Gleason - 3rd Grade Teacher, Oral Interp, Drama

Kasandra Hauck - 1st Grade Teacher

Brittany Graf - 4th Grade Teacher

Nicci Bloom- Title

Bradyn Medrano - Behavior Specialist

Evan Pottebaum - SPED Director

Nancy Purdy - 5th Grade Teacher

Cheri Zirbel - Kindergarten Teacher



Dawn Wright - SPED

Nicole Ebsen - SPED

Nicole Pays - SPED

Hillori Pearson - Preschool

Carin Schmitz



Dawn Johnson - Program Director

Nikki Jo Welch - Coordinator


Support Staff

Andrea.Gapp - Secretary

Jennifer Lewandowski - Custodian

Brandi O'Farrell - Custodian

Harlan Olson - Bus Driver

Nancy Pearson - Head Cook

Carrie Pike - Asst Cook

Royce Strasser - Bus Driver

Dawn Wright - Librarian, APEX

David Zirbel - Transportation



John Adam - FB Coach, Asst GBB Coach, Track Coach

Mark Amdahl - BBB Coach

Joel Eisenbraun (Waubay) - Asst BBB Coach

Tony Howard - GBB Coach

Alycia LeCourse (Waubay) - VB Coach

Devin Pederson - JH FB Coach

Evan Pottebaum - Powerlifting, JH FB Coach

Don Rumpza - Asst FB Coach

Sarah Schewe - Asst CC Coach

Wyatt Vander Vorst - Asst FB Coach

Josh Wohlleber - JH BBB Coach

Susan Zirbel - Cross Country Coach

Parents Right to Know Announcement: The Federal Education Law called the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that all parents/guardians in a Title I school be notified and given the opportunity to request information about the professional qualifications of classroom teachers instructing their child(ren).  If you are interested in this information, you may send your request to Mr. Schmidt, who will provide a response.