Prom Flyer

Prom 2021 Schedule of Events 

5:00 PM - Banquet in the school lunchroom 

6:00 PM - Pictures with Keely Nicole Photography - Couples & Classes 

7:30 PM - Grand March at Summit Community Hall 

9:30 - 9:45 PM - Prom ends 

10:00 PM - Prizes for After Prom 

11:30 PM - Loading bus for Allevity in Aberdeen 

1:15 AM - Arrive at Allevity 

3:45 AM - Load to leave Allevity and head home 

5:30 AM - Return to the hall to eat breakfast provided by parents and Pereboom’s

 ***All times are approximate 

*** No bags will be allowed in the hall until after the dance had ended. 

***Students will need to have parent permission via phone call to leave prom early.