Prom Meeting to Be Held on January 24

Good morning,

Waubay/Summit parents & students have been discussing the possibility of joining the Waubay/Summit Prom and After Prom for a few years now.  With the increasing cost of prom supplies, after prom parties, food, bussing, etc discussion has recently been held that maybe now is the time.  Our schools are co-op with sports and our students are viewed as one unit in sports.  Why not combine our proms as well? 

It has been proposed that we hold an “interest” meeting next Tuesday evening, January 24th, at 6:30pm in Summit after the Junior High basketball games in Summit.

We are asking 9-12 parents, students, prom and after prom advisors to attend this interest meeting.  School administrators are welcome to attend as well. 


This meeting is simply to bring everyone together to see IF there is enough interest to pursue joining the Waubay and Summit Proms into one prom and one after prom party as well.  If the meeting concludes showing an overwhelming no interest, then we will continue on as is.  If the meeting does show a sufficient number of interest, then we decide at the end of the meeting what our next steps will be.

We hope to see many of you Tuesday evening at 6:30pm in the Summit School Gym. 

Please forward the attached letter with meeting time and location onto any additional prom advisors and after prom parents and students.  Please also put in school announcements, and your school Facebook page & app as soon as possible.



Amy Gaikowski

Waubay After Prom Co-chairman